Born and raised in Los Angeles, California Melanie M. has always had a love for fashion. Her sense of style was inspired at an early age by her Mayan & Aztec heritage and her passion for the Arts of Entertainment.

During her childhood, Melanie took years of dance classes at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, winning numerous awards in Tap and Jazz. Her exposure to dance and costumes solidified her inspiration for
styling, designing, and performing.

After earning a degree in Communication Studies from California State University of Northridge, Melanie took a six week trip to Europe to study European Fashion trends, art and culture. Her exposure to local cultures, street-wear and European designers contributed in developing her sense of style and the ultimate decision to launch into a professional career in fashion.

Melanie continues to evolve in her creative talents in styling, blogging, community events and now tapping into hosting.

“I really enjoy the fusion of Entertainment and Social Media… it allows me to express my creative talents as well as give me the flexibility and freedom to do what I love best, locally and internationally.”